Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on eBay
eBay's UK office says it is actively removing listings selling the discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screenshot

eBay is proactively removing all listings for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as Samsung permanently ends production of the handset.

The move comes after multiple handsets burst into flames. These phones were part of a second wave of 'fixed' Note 7s, built by Samsung to replace the original handset, which also suffered from batteries which caught fire and exploded while charging.

In a statement sent to IBTimes UK, an eBay spokesperson said: "I can confirm we are proactively removing all listings for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7."

As of Tuesday morning (11 October), hours after Samsung announced the second sales ban, multiple Note 7 handsets were offered for sale on the UK eBay website. All were described by the sellers as being the "replacement" versions, given out by Samsung and phone networks to replace the original. However, Samsung says these newer models must also now be removed from sale worldwide.

"This is a replacement handset so no battery issues!" one seller wrote on the listing of a Note 7, which had attracted a bit of £530. Now, Samsung has issued a second statement to confirm it has ended production of the troubled smartphone.

Gear VR no longer works with the Note 7

Some eBay listings for the Note 7 include the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset often given away for free alongside the phone. Oculus, which is involved with the manufacturing of the Gear VR and creates its software, has now stopped the headset from working with any version of the Note 7.

At the time of writing, bids for the Galaxy Note 7 range from £500 to over £780.

On eBay's US website there are relatively few Note 7s for sale. However, those that are often include 'Safe Model' in their title. According to Samsung, these are unsafe and should not be sold. A number of US eBay users are instead selling the boxes, chargers and accessories from their Note 7.

Samsung said in a statement on 11 October: "Taking our customer's safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7."

Note 7 also removed from Gumtree

Online marketplace Gumtree still has a number of Note 7 devices for sale. Most are claimed to be the newer 'safe' model, while one was said to be purchased two months ago, before the first recall began. Another is being advertised for £790 with the Gear VR headset, which no longer works with the Note 7 due to safety concerns.

UPDATE: Gumtree has contacted IBTimes UK with the following statement "Following today's announcement from Samsung, we can confirm that we are working on removing listings for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Should people see a Galaxy Note7 advertised on our site, we would recommend that they do not go ahead with the purchase and report the advert to us using the onsite "report ad" button."

Royal Mail bans Galaxy Note 7 from UK post

Anyone willing to sell a Galaxy Note 7 will face another hurdle at the post office as neither the Royal Mail or ParcelForce will accept packages containing the handset.

A Royal Mail spokesperson told IBTimes UK: "In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung and its Galaxy Note 7, Royal Mail and ParcelForce are unable to accept the posting of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phones...Fault lithium batteries are prohibited in the mail by transport regulations to all destinations."

IBTimes UK strongly urges owners of either the original Note 7 or Samsung's replacement model to switch it off, stop using it and exchange it at the point of purchase for a different handset or a full refund.