Riot police in Warsaw rounded up and arrested 140 fans last night believed to be involved in fighting both before and after the Euro 2012 match between Russia and Poland in Warsaw. Tensions were extraordinarily high because of the centuries of conflict between both countries and the Russian domination of Poland after World War Two.

These were the scenes as thousands poured out of the stadium immediately after the match. No sooner they came out than a section of the crowd started chanting then broke away, going on the rampage kicking and beating others as they saw fit. You can see in the bottom right hand corner of the screen people being repeatedly kicked and punched while lying defenceless on the floor.

Riot police fired rubber bullets to try and disperse the crowds, with hundreds of fans running away from officers armed with shields. Tear gas and water cannons were also used.

Reports are that at least 10 people were injured. Shame for Euro 2012 organisers now that the one-all scoreline seems now very much at the back of people's minds this morning.

Written and Voiced by Marverine Cole.