Wales suffered a shocking defeat in its Euro qualifier game against Switzerland, who until today shared Wales place at the bottom of their group table.

The Swiss came on early and threatened an early goal but were denied by the fortunate positioning of Welsh defenders.

However Walee immediately showed their intentions when Gareth Bale went charging down the field and sent a cross to a dangerously positioned Simon Church, who just knocked the ball wide of the Swiss goal.

Some bad luck soon came Switzerland's way when their goalkeeper, Diego Benaglio was taken off for Marco Wolfli, due, it seems, to a pre-existing groin injury.

Despite this apparent weakening the Swiss were first to score with a Valentin Stocker header taking Switzerland 1-0 up. The header came after Welsh keeper Wayne Hennessey blocked a shot from Tranquillo Barnetto.

Less than five minutes later Wales struck back with Andrew Croft knocking the ball to Gareth Bale who defeated the new Swiss keeper and took the score to 1-1.

Shortly after Wales threatened to take the lead when James Collins headed the ball, only to be saved by Wolfli, following a Welsh corner.

It was however Switzerland who struck next with Marco Streller scoring with a lucky shot.

Wales again looked to equalise with a good attempt being made by Danny Collins who struck the ball hard at the Swiss goal, only to see it go over the bar.

At half time the score was Wales 1 - Switzerland 2.

When play resumed Wales very nearly conceded after a poor attempt to clear a ball by the Welsh keeper actually sent the ball to Streller who shot wide of the mark.

Wales star player Bale again stormed down the field and sent the ball to Church who could not make anything out of it.

Switzerland attacked again soon after with Reto Ziegler shooting straight at Hennessey, who could not hold onto the ball. Stocker came in to make an attempt off the rebound, only to miss completely.

Bale threatened again just failing to score off a ball from Andy King when Wolfli managed to beat him to the ball.

Things turned pear-shaped for Wales when Barnetta did a bit of acting in the Welsh area to get a penalty for Switzerland. Gokhan Inter had the honour of taking Switzerland 3-1 up.

The situation soon turned into a rout when Stocker sent home a fourth goal thanks to a good cross from Erin Derdiyok.

The game ended at Wales 1 - Switzerland 4, leaving Wales bottom of the table and putting Switzerland into third.