Mark Lawrenson believes Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish must know all the evidence surrounding Luis Suarez's alleged racist abuse of Manchester United's Patrice Evra, or the Merseyside club's public support of the Uruguayan would be very ill-advised.

Liverpool have been widely derided for their emotive statement in the aftermath of the Suarez verdict which not only expressed their disappointment at the verdict but also queried the credibility of the aforementioned Manchester United fullback.

Various high-profile figures in the game have also lambasted Liverpool for wearing t-shirts in support of Suarez given the severity of the allegations levelled against the Anfield talisman.

Although some of Liverpool's actions have been questionable, Lawrenson suggests his former club's stance must indicate their belief that Suarez is not guilty in regards to the allegations in respect of the Manchester United fullback.

Lawrenson believes Liverpool are right to contest the punishment if they know their player's innocence but he suggests their actions must not be because they are simply "feeling hard done by".

"We have to assume that Kenny Dalglish knows all the evidence surrounding the Luis Suarez case." The Liverpool legend told the Daily Mirror. "That would explain Liverpool's defence of Suarez and their shocked reaction after the eight-game ban and fine imposed upon him.

"Suarez is vital to Liverpool, he is their best player at the moment, especially with Steven Gerrard injured. But it has to go deeper than that. The issue is much bigger than about just wanting your star man playing every week.

"Let's not get away from the fact that if (Liverpool striker) Suarez said what he is supposed to have said, then you have to take the punishment. Racism is unacceptable in any part of society, let alone football.

"If there are different circumstances that need to be looked at, other evidence, then maybe that explains why Liverpool seem so determined to appeal.

The former Liverpool defender continued: "But if Dalglish and Liverpool feel there is a point of principle, they should fight it. If it's just feeling hard done by, that's a different matter. You can look at the ban and see eight games including two Carling Cup semi-finals, an FA Cup tie and suddenly that's five rather than eight games.

"But this case isn't just about Liverpool.

"It's much bigger than that and that's why Liverpool - a club people look up to - have to make a decision which upholds their high standards."

The Anfield hero concluded: "Liverpool are right behind Suarez but that cannot be confused with anything other than support for a team-mate because no-one can condone racism."

Suarez was found guilty of using abusive language towards Manchester United's Evra during the 1-1 draw at Anfield in October. The striker is currently facing an eight game ban and a £40,000 fine but the club are considering appealing the verdict.