Adrenaline junkies gathered on the Greek Island of Zakynthos from 20 - 24 August, for the Go Fast Games. Set in the Ionian Sea, surrounded by emerald waters, dozens of base jumpers congregated to parachute off the steep cliffs.

Base jumping requires the participant to parachute from a fixed structure or a cliff. Base is an acronym that stands for four categories that are fixed objects from which you can jump - a building, an antenna, a span or Earth.

"Every base jumper who sees a photo of this bay and of a base jumper jumping into it wants to come here," explained the event organiser, Jimmy Pouchart.

The most famous landmark on the island is Navagio Beach or as the locals call it Shipwreck Beach. The beach can only be approached by boat as it is an isolated cove and is surrounded by huge vertical limestone cliffs. On top of the high cliffs, the jump-off point is at a height of 656ft above sea level.

"When you are standing at the exit point and you look at the view you know that nature is definitely showing off," exclaimed base jumper, Marta Empinott.

The jumpers performed more than 300 jumps in four days, providing visitors with a spectacular, yet high adrenaline show. "When you can base jump in a place like this, it's heaven, you're in heaven, there's nothing that is any better on this planet," Pouchart said.

Due to high winds, and everyone hoping to jump as much as possible, the competition element of the event took a back seat and instead became a friendly showcase of skills.