A new design of aqua suit which its creator says greatly reduces rehabilitation time for injured athletes has been tried out at the English Football Association's national centre, St George's Park.

The swimming outfit contains padding which is said to mimic various muscle groups, helping keep the wearer in the correct position for exercise, adding resistance to upper body movements and developing stability. The result, said designer Terry Nelson, is that injured players can begin more intense recuperation at a much earlier stage.

The suits are made from Nylon, lycra and foam padding.

Nelson is a former Liverpool club trainee and paratrooper who has had two kidney transplants, plus a leg amputation and he recently demonstrated his exercise techniques for recovery to Derby County players at St George's Park in Burton-Upon-Trent in central England.

He said his suit is being used both by Real Madrid and Manchester United, as well as other sports clubs around the world.

Nineteen-year-old Derby County defender Luke Adams said he enjoyed the exercise.

"Yeah, it was quite hard work and obviously in the water running against resistance and stuff. Especially good for injuries and stuff coming back, you can't work on impact and stuff like that so, yeah, it was good," said Adams.

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