Indulging in mounds of rich food... no matter how delicious... is bound to have adverse effects, whether it be something as simple as an upset stomach and general ill health or something more serious, such as bad fats finding their way into your body.

Imagine the horrors of being served a platter full of barbecued summer meats just when you've sworn to a rigorous diet! Or, worse still, being presented with a nice juicy burger when all you should be eating are greens and salads! Painful, isn't it? We agree.

There is, however, an alternative of sorts. Miniature artist Shay Aaron does that for you.

This 26 year old artist from Israel uses polymer clay to create fingertip-sized platters of mouthwatering food items, one look at which should offer you all the delight of stuffing yourself with delicious food while never worry about your waistline! Aaron's miniature platters, not more than the size of a match stick may not be consumable but it should at least, fight your food cravings and provide an indulgence to eyes.

The latest in Aaron's collection is the Summer Barbecue platter - which has been designed with intricate details of food items from herbs, vegetables and meats to grilled items like burgers and even tall frosty glasses of juice. Aaron, who sells his creations online at, went into the business for a living but his passion to create these platters developed after they helped him fight his own obsession with food and shed those extra kilos.

The question we ask - is Aaron a great cook? You'd think he must be to make these with such finesse. Not really, though. He was initially trained as a pastry chef but his ideas and their execution are more a product of observing world cuisine and a passion for the art rather than the food.

Here are the pictures of Aaron's Summer Barbecue Platter...

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