It must be awfully difficult, when one has committed oneself to a strict diet, to be faced with platters full of scrumptious desserts, delicious sea food and other mouth-water delicacies all around. It is, without doubt, a strong challenge to even the hardiest of souls.

Wouldn't it be lovely, though, to be able to feast your eyes on culinary masterpieces from "never-decaying" platters, confident in the knowledge that while you could enjoy the colours and flavours it suggested, you could never actually eat it?

This may sound ambiguous but the food platters we are referring to are actually made of polymer clay and are so charming as to fit, literally, on the edge of your fingertips!

Allow us to introduce Shay Aaron, a 26 year old artist from Israel, who is something of an expert in creating miniature food items.

Aaron has been making these food plates for a living and credits that passion with helping him overcome his own weight problems and lose all those extra kilos, according to an interview in an Italian digital magazine, Food4brain.

"I think the reason I start to fake food was created to help myself to get over my weight problem. From a very young age I had a weight problem. Four years ago, when I was 23, my peak weight was 140kg, I was really fat guy and I was depressed and miserable. I was working with polymer clay, millefiori making and home décor pieces. One day, a customer of mine asked me to create a replica of traditional Jewish dish, in miniature. I think it was the first time that I found what I want to do for the next 5 years - miniature food," Aaron explained.

This talented artist creates food items from all across the world, using the Internet, which helps him find newer and more interesting recipes. He was initially trained as a pastry chef but never actually took up that profession. Instead, he started working with polymer clay.

"Food is such a wide genre, with so many categories and themes. I feel like I can relate to anyone around the world, by creating their special and traditional dish," Aaron was quoted as saying by Food4brain.

From cakes and pastries to continental and sea food, Aaron's creations can be bought online at Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, start the slideshow to view some of his best works