The dramatic moment that armed police raided internet tycoon, Kim Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand. Shown in court today, it reveals details of an operation requested by the FBI. An own-goal though because this raid was deemed illegal, and now a court's deciding what should happen all the personal items that were seized that day: PCs and hard drives relating to the Mega founder's business, as well as art work and luxury cars bought with his $175 million fortune.

Police admitted that an officer accidentally stepped on the German national's hand during the raid. But they denied claims by Dotcom that officers kicked and punched him. Here's what his lawyer, Paul Davison, asked an unidentified police witness.

The US government want to extradite Kim Dotcom so make him face charges of breach of copyright and money laundering. Dotcom claims his firm just offered online storage. He was arrested during that raid and kept in custody for a month before being bailed.