Bogged down by a 3-1 defeat in the hands of Manchester United, Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas claims that his side will not suffer from any negative upshot in the upcoming Premier League title.

With Wayne Rooney slipping down while taking a penalty, Ramires and Dimitar Berbatov missing out the best chances and Fernando Torres loosing even more brilliant opportunity after hitting a second-half goal, both the managers claimed that it was "a crazy game".

Chelsea was undone by giving away three goals in an opening stage, but the Boas is of opinion that the result did not point out any major declaration about the destination of the tournament.

He said "nothing that happened here would mean anything in the Premier League table. It is an unexpected league. Manchester City has the most amazing squad as well, but they didn't win. Arsenal and Liverpool lost. All of the five contenders are there. Anything can happen", quoted ESPN Star.

"The most regular is United at the moment but we showed we are up to the level of the champions", he added.

Manchester United would have been in a nerve-wrecking situation had Torres performed the finish after missing out David de Gea, who made an excellent display.

Ferguson subtly called it "a bad miss". Boas appeared even more sympathetic. He said, "two of the best strikers in the world missed crazy chances. It happened to Fernando and Rooney. It is nothing dramatic. Sometimes the ball goes in. It didn't fall our side."

He added "normally it is 3-2. At that point it might have given us a mental edge for the last 10 minutes. We would have been completely exposed at the back but we would have taken the risk to try and get a draw. It didn't happen".