21:00: Glasgow 2014 Closing Ceremony

Kylie Minogue
Australian singer Kylie Minogue helped bring the curtain down on the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

22:48: Firework consume Hampden Park before the show draws to a close in Glasgow. Not a bad send to to a fantastic 11 days of sport.

Well, that just about does it ladies and gentlemen. That was the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I hope you're enjoyed all of our coverage over the past two weeks. Until next time, goodbye.

22:45: A lone piper begins a rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne', with Maclean still on stage. Members of the press are swaying arm in arm. Oh dear. Kylie Minogue and Lulu return to have a sing-off, which goes the way of the Aussie before fireworks accompany and upteeth chorus.

22:41: Maclean performs 'Caledonia' from the main stage as more ticker-tape falls over the athletes. We're drawing towards a climax in Glasgow, not before the token fireworks display I am sure/know.

22:38: That brings Kylie Minogue's performance to an end and we go back to Des Clarke on the outfield, who talks with England diver Tom Daley, who won silver and gold in competition. Kirani James, the Commonwealth Games 400m champion and record holder is next, and he pays tribute to the Hampden crowd. This is all taking place while we wait for Dougie Maclean to take his place on stage.

22:32: Glitterballs drop from the Hampden ceiling and combined with silver ticker tap being sent into the sky, quite an atmopshere is created inside Hampden. As for the set closer, Minogue goes into 'Can't Get You Out of My Head'.

22:28: Kylie makes a quick costume change into a little white number and takes to the star stage to sing 'Beautiful'. Ballads never have, and will never, suit Miss Minogue.

22:26: Getting towards the end of Kylie' set now and she goes into a bit of a rarity I am led to believe, 'Locomotion'. The athletes are loving it on the outfield, with the camera finding gymnast Louis Smith, whose dance moves leaving plenty to be desired.

22:22: Now another Kylie favourite, 'All the Lovers'. The camera focuses on a group of men in a circle who are eating chips. Bit random, before the final chorus sees them discard their food and start dancing, just like in real life. I don't know any man worth his salt who would throw away chips.

22:16: Throughout Kylie's set a love story is set to unfound in the crowd, titled 'The Chase'. That sequence begins with the performance of the song 'Love at First Sight'. Very appropriate.

Kylie Minogue

22:12: While I might not be an expert of Kylie Minogue's back catalogue, I am going to take a stab in the dark that given the reaction round Hampden Park, she has chosen the biggest show of her career to showcase a song from her new album, that no-one knows. Nice and selfish of her.

22:07: So we're into the final third of the show and while Glasgow are no longer the hosts of these Games, they remain the hosts for the rest of this closing ceremony. With much delay, Kylie Minogue is introduced to the crowd, wearing a horrid head-dress which makes her look like a viking. She begins her set with 'Spinning Around', my notes tell me.

22:04: We're no treated to a VT of the sights and sounds of Glasgow during the Games, including a number of sporting highlights. Now the Earl and Countess of Wessex are introduced to formally declare the Games officially closed.

22:02: The awkward dancing of Sally Pearson defines what was a shoddy preview of Gold Coast 2018. I have no doubt however, the Games will go down far better in four years time than they did tonight.

21:58: So it turns out Jessica's performance was the second part of the Gold Coast preview, and the third part is led by 100m hurdles star Sally Pearson, who gives us another lecture which was totally inaudible. This isn't going well.

21:56: This preview of Gold Coast 2018 will be split into three sections and and frst segment ends with a performance from the aforementioned Mauboy, as the flag of the Commonwealth consume the stage. If no-one else, the athletes certainly seem to be enjoying it.

21:51: Time for the Australia singer we've all been waiting for, it's Kyli...Jessica Mauboy. Of course. She is joined by world champion surfer Mick Fanning, and then 10-year old Gabriel Pither, a 'Gold Coast Kid'. Wildlife trainer and presenter Tenielle Matheson follows, with another account of the city. I'll be honest, It's gone awfully flat. The evening has essetially turned into a lecture, with background music.

21:47: The Commonwealth flag is crowd-surfed across the athletes and folded on-stage. The Head of the Commonwealth Representatives address the crowd before the flag is held back to the Commonwealth Games Federation, who pass it on to the organisers of Gold Cost 2018.

21:38: Now we reach the point of the evening where the Commonwealth flag is lowered and presented to the next hosts, Gold Coast. The ceremony is held against the backdrop of singer Karen Matheson performing 'Ae Fond Kiss'.

21:34: The Commonwealth Games president ends by saying "Glasgow has produced the best Games ever". It's fair to say, he's a hit with the locals.

21:33: He continues, repeating the praise of the Clydesiders which is expected to be a theme of this evening. Prince Imran then pays special tribute to Team Scotland, "a job truely well done". He then reveals that the partnership with Unicef, which included the on-air appeal during the opening ceremony, has helped raise £5m.

21:30: Prince Imran, the president of the Commonwealth Games, comes to the stage to announce the winner of the David Dixon award, which is awarded at every Games to the athlete who combines fair play with sporting achievement. The winner is Francesca Jones, the rhythmic gymnast from Wales.

21:27: Lord Smith continues to say that the legacy from Glasgow can already be seen in the city and then wishes every success to Gold Coast, the 2018 hosts.

21:23: Lord Smith of Kelvin and HRH Prince Imran of Malaysia take to the stage and address the Commonwealth. The former thanks Scotland and Glasgow for their hospitality before paying tribute to the 4,000 athletes and the Clydesiders, those volunteers at each venue across Glasgow and beyond.

21:18: All of the athletes are being beckoned away from the stage as the tents are moved away from around the star stage, as a huge star is created around the stage in the middle. After that musical start, we move on to the ceremonial part of the evening. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tatoo enter from the right.

21:14: Next up in this Scottish musical extravaganza is Glasgow's 'infectious syth-pop trio' Prides. While they performe their song 'Messiah' the dancers in the crowd pick up and throw around the tents from which the athletes emerged from at the start.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

21:09: My notes tell me Deacon Blue, who are performing 'Dignity' are 'one of the most respected and best loved bands of their generation'. Goodness know which generation that is. As they perform, the vehicles of the city arade around the track. Rush hour comes to Hampden Park, essentially.

21:07: She may have performed with the likes of David Bowie and The Beatles, but i fancy this is the biggest show Lulu has ever played tonight. After she exits stage left, Scottish band Deacon Blue enter. No, me neither.

21:05: Lulu comes on stage and she introduces each of the 4,000 athletes from the 71 nations and territories, many of whom emerge from tents across the Hampden outfield. She blasts out her hit song 'Shout' as the athletes run towards the stage. Great start.

21:01: Ok, so the closing ceremony is about to go live to the world. Lulu on the way.

20:55: We are less than 10 minutes away from the closing ceremony and already we have an appearance from Lulu. This might be a common theme. She is helping to explain a tiny, tiny surprise which I have unfortunately already given away. Embargo firmly broken. Good start

20:50: Among the heads of state in Glasgow tonight. Fancy the united front might end tomorrow.

20:47: For a better insight into the staging at Hampden, let my tweet enlighten you...

20:38: Before the television coverage begins and gives an estimated global audience of one billion people a view of Hampden Park, let me try and paint something of a picture for you of what is going on in Glasgow. On the outfield we have pop-up tents cascaded throughout, with the athletes from many of the 71 nations and territoris scattered inbetween. It has the feeling of a mini festival about it. There is a stage to the north of the stadium, which extends out to a huge multi-coloured star to where you might expect the centre-circle to be. A full on Scottish themed concert is on the way.

20:30: After 11 days during which over 4,000 athletes have reached the pinnacle of sporting competition in 17 sports across 13 venues, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is coming to a close. Tonight, following the final day of competition, the closing ceremony will help review and celebrate what has gone before and preview the next Games in 2018 on Australia's Gold Coast. Musical performances are expected from Scottish trio Deacon Blue, Lulu and Dougie Maclean while the Australian flavour is provided by multi-million selling artist Kylie Minogue. It should be a cracking evening at Hampden Park.