Sequel to The Goonies
Sequel to The Goonies on cards

A sequel to classic 80s film The Goonies is in the making, fans will be pleased to hear.

The director, Richard Donner, confirmed the sequel to the cult film while signing autographs for fans and commenting about the huge rise in popularity of superhero films in Hollywood.

When later asked if he would make another comic-book film, he said: "If you call The Goonies a comic book – we're doing a sequel."

In regard to which stars would be returning, he replied: "Hopefully all of them".

The 1985 film was written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus and starred Sean Austin, Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman.

Feldman, has spent the last couple of decades campaigning for a Goonies sequel – refusing to let the idea die. Feldman also threw support behind a Lost Boys sequel, but that later bombed at the box office.

He wrote on Twitter: "We must all be certain that it doesn't miss the magic of the original."

Austin said: "Huh? What? #Goonies 2 We Never Say Die!"

Critics, however, are dubious of attempts to revamp a "much loved classic".

Dixie Flatline posted on the Guardian website: "I love the Goonies. My girlfriend has even visited the Goonies house in Astoria! But I shudder at the potential horrors of a sequel or, sloth forbid, a remake... Let's be honest here, there hasn't been any film in recent history that has come close to the magic of 80s kids films, and they probably never will."

Another critic wrote: "The Goonies is a film that should never have a sequel. At least, not now. A sequel probably would have worked shortly after the original but it's just too late now. The actors are far too old and no longer bare any resemblance to the characters that we saw on screen way back in 85."

It is hoped the new film will be made in time for the original's 30th anniversary in 2015.