It's the pre-election 'joust' that's the talk of Europe, and which some twenty million people will be watching. French Presidential candidates Francois Hollande vs Nicholas Sarkozy will be live, face-to-face on a TV set wherever you can catch a glimpse of them.

The nation's newspapers are saying "The Last Duel" and "The Final Confrontation - awash with anticipation on how well (or not) the men will do in the 2.5 hour, primetime debate, with the elections just 4 days away.

Socialist candidate Hollande is leading the polls at around 53% of support. He told a French radio station - in his usual unflappable style - that he's ready for action. "Let him come tonight to the debate…. and let have him ask me as many questions as he wants. But honestly the only question to ask is: Do the French people want to continue the same politics that failed for the past five years?"

An ally of Sarkozy said the incumbent President will go into the debate like a challenger' saying 'he's going to have to take a certain number of risks'. And the truth is no poll has tipped him for re-election.

'Of course I am going to watch the debate'…said this woman 'I am expecting to learn about Mr. Hollande, and I hope that tonight he will tell us more about him. And this man said: ….'Myself I will go to the one that seems the more determined, or the one able to convince me.'

The hot topics, of course, will be immigration, and their plans to cut the country's debt and boost growth. It starts at 7pm London time.