Horse inside Best Western Hotel in Birmingham PIC: Youtube
Horse inside Best Western Hotel in Birmingham PIC: Youtube

An inquisitive horse fled from its paddock and trotted into a nearby hotel in a bizarre incident captured on camera.

The steed, resembling Black Beauty, caused panic when it charged through the sliding doors of the Best Western Maypole in Birmingham.

It then cantered around the lobby and caused chaos by knocking over vases and bumping into walls, before trying to enter the lift.

It is believed the animal escaped from its paddock after vandals opened a gate.

Heather Thornton, who works at the hotel, told the Daily Mail: "I saw two police officers when I arrived at 9.50am and there were a lot of people standing around the hotel looking bemused.

"The horse tried to get into the lift and then it reversed out again. It was stressed and frightened.

"It did a lot of damage to the lobby. It made some dents in the wall and knocked over plants but the staff were worried about the horse."

The horse had earlier visited a Wilkinson shop and also a Sainsbury's supermarket, leaving a broken window in its wake.

But there was a sad end for the distressed animal, which was sweating and limping when it was captured.

A hotel spokesman said: "Sadly the horse had to be put down. The hotel staff do not know why, but are devastated about the outcome."