Hugo Chavez has won re-election in the Venezuelan Presidential elections, securing his fourth term in office. Mr Chavez won 54.5 per cent of the votes, ahead of rival candidate Henrique Capriles, who secured 45 per cent of the votes.

Chavez supporters took to the streets of the capital Caracas to celebrate the result.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Chavez said he wanted to promote discussion amongst his United Socialist party and the opposition:

"To those who promote hate, to those who promote social poison, to those who are always trying to deny all the good things that happen in Venezuela, I invite them to dialogue, to debate and to work together for Venezuela, for the Bolivarian Venezuela."

Herique Capriles, the man who was running against Mr Chavez, was gracious in defeat:

"I send my congratulations to the candidate, the President of the republic. From here, I want to send him my congratulations and I want to say to him that hopefully he realizes the expression of the people today."

Mr Chavez has been in power for 14 years after assuming office in 1999. His tenure has seen him become one of the most important and divisive figures in Latin America, using Venezuela's vast oil resources to fund various socialist reforms and nationalise many aspects of the country's economy.

He will now embark on another six year term, though there is a chance of his cancer returning, after the 58-year-old had to undergo long periods of treatment last year.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner