President Volodymyr Zelensky meeting in the Khmelnytskyi region to discuss the security situation and the protection of Ukraine. (Zelensky Official Instagram)

An apparent 'secret list' of Russia's most wanted was recently leaked online and is creating tension not only between Kyiv and Ukraine but among other key nations as well.

The list, said to have come from the Internal Affairs Ministry records, included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski, a US senator, and the Prime Minister of Estonia, among 100,000 other names.

According to a report, the discovery of the list from Moscow aggravates the ongoing geopolitical chess game between Russia and Ukraine and could once more spark international concern and condemnation. The list, discovered by Russian investigative reporters called Mediazona, revealed that Russian prosecutors issued most of the names warrants of arrest for being part of the country's 'Most Wanted.'

The list of names can now be accessed online as Mediazona created a searchable database based on it.

Russian Enemies

Out of the almost 100,000 names (96,752, to be exact), the majority are actually from Russia—making up about 31,000 of the list. Most of the names are associated in one way or another with offending and antagonising Russia in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Apart from Zelensky, the list includes the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas. In 2022, PM Kalas supported the removal of a Russian monument in its Capital, Tallinn. Estonia warned NATO of Russia's concerning presence along its border at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

It resulted in several Baltic states seemingly 'withdrawing' their association with Russia by removing Russian monuments. These include Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, former Russian allies during the communist era. Russian prosecutors believe that these acts constitute them being 'Pro-Nazi.'

"Crimes against the memory of the liberators of the world from Nazism and fascism must be answered," said Russian spokesperson Maria Zakharov on Telegram.

Because of this, a notable number of Baltic lawmakers are now part of the list supporting the removal of Russian monuments. These include members of parliament, former political figures and judges.

Also on the list are US Senator Lindsey Graham, a known human rights champion who has supported Ukraine from the get-go, and Piotr Hofmański, president of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC has declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin is guilty of war crimes in Ukraine.

The list also included META spokesperson (for Facebook and Instagram) Andy Stone for 'aiding terrorism.' The social media giants have been known to support and highlight ads and posts that openly support Ukraine in the ongoing war.

Russia is yet to give an official statement about the list. Still, in a separate report, Ukraine's foreign ministry said Russia came to the list as part of the nation's propaganda campaign to get attention and support.

The Kyiv list is a calculated attempt to discredit the Ukrainian government further. Since the start of the war, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has been very vocal in asking the Ukrainian army to overthrow the current administration.