Kali Fontanilla
(Photo: Kali Fontanilla Facebook)

The Exodus Institute, which started with just one student in May 2022, has grown to become a thriving educational institution under the leadership of Kali and Joshua Fontanilla. Today, the Institute boasts an impressive student body of nearly 200, comprising its K-12 program and the 'Young Patriots Academy.'

According to a Daily Mail article, the Institute is committed to teaching courses based on 'traditional American values.' It aims to counter the teachings that prevail in typical American public schools and addresses topics such as gender, race, and slavery.

The Exodus Institute's mission statement, which is available on its website, states that their goals are to provide families with an alternative to public schools and to support homeschooling families with enrichment courses that foster critical thinking, academic skills, and counter the left-wing indoctrination found in education, culture, and the media.

The organization offers two programs: the fully accredited K-12 program with a focus on 'Christian values' and 'no political agendas or "woke" indoctrination,' and the 'Young Patriots Academy,' a homeschooling program emphasizing the need to refute the lies taught in most public schools.

The fully accredited K-12 program charges its students between $2,000 and $8,000 annually, while the latter 'Young Patriots Academy' is available for $29 per month.

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In a statement to the Daily Mail, founder Joshua Fontanilla said, "Being a conservative or simply believing in traditional American values is something that makes you endangered or marked in the public school system."

His wife, Kali, added, "There are many things teachers didn't have to face in the past. There was no pressure to include pronouns in your bio or email signature, there was no pressure to ask your students about their pronouns, and there weren't any co-workers claiming their white privilege."

Kali Fontanilla remains actively involved in promoting The Exodus Institute's mission, especially on her Instagram account, where she shares updates with her 300,000 followers.

In a recent post, she shared an interview with Newsmax, where she criticized the teachings of Critical Race Theory in American public schools, a viewpoint that is also reflected in the Institute's curriculum.

One of the Institute's website pages appeals for donations, having already raised a substantial $33,398. However, the organization is still striving to raise $100,000 for its campaign to 'help parents exit public education.'

While the school caters to a modest 200 or so students, its message has resonated with a broad audience. A 'concerned parent' commented, "What social media is doing to conservative voices is a sin! They accuse us of misinformation, yet we spread the truth!"

Numerous other commentators on the Institute's site have also praised the program's objectives, underscoring the rise of conservatism in education.