Keir Starmer
The Muslim Vote has issued 18 demands to Keir Starmer and threatened to without their support if he fails to fulfil them. Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Gaza activists have put out a list of 18 demands directed at Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer, coupled with a warning to withdraw their support in the upcoming general election if he fails to meet them.

The Muslim Vote wants the Labour leader to commit to severing military connections with Israel, grant permission for Islamic prayers in schools, and discriminatory practices such as charging higher insurance rates for individuals with the name "Muhammad" if he becomes prime minister.

Aside from that, it has called for the abolition of a law criminalising spiritual and religious leaders from guiding their congregations on voting decisions. It advocates for seven percent of public sector pensions allocated towards "ethical and Islamic funds."

The group, pledging to "punish" MPs deemed unsupportive of Palestine by rallying the four million Muslim voters in the UK, stated that they would only contemplate supporting the Labour leader if Sir Keir yielded to their demands. On the other hand, 50 percent of business leaders want to see Starmer win the next general election.

The activists claim they have support from over 25 organisations, but it was revealed earlier this year that at least two of them were under investigation for extremism concerns. One of its supporters, Muhammad Jalal, who has appeared on the campaign's social media pages, was previously head of the now-banned Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The Muslim Vote's Impact on British Politics

Meanwhile, Sir Keir assured that he was "determined" to reclaim the support of voters who had turned away from Labour in the local elections due to his party's position on Gaza. This resolve comes in response to the election of numerous pro-Palestine campaigners as councillors, displacing Labour candidates.

Several newly elected officials incorporated the Middle East conflict into their campaigns, with some donning rosettes in the colours of the Palestinian flag. Others dedicated their wins to the people of Gaza, exemplified by a Green councillor who exclaimed "Allahu Akbar!" in celebration after their victory.

When questioned on Saturday about the loss of votes due to his stance on Gaza—estimates suggest his party shed nearly 30,000 votes in Birmingham alone over the issue—Sir Keir expressed his determination to "win back their trust and confidence."

This prompted the Muslim Vote to publish a list of demands on X (previously Twitter), stating that Sir Keir needed to fulfil them if he was genuinely committed to winning back their votes.

The Muslim Vote demands
The 18 demands Muslim Vote group issued to Keir Starmer Twitter / Helen @Hells4Heroes

These demands encompassed the Labour leader apologize for what they perceived as his "greenlighting" of Israeli actions in Gaza following the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7, recognising a Palestinian state, and severing all military ties with Israel.

An earlier report indicates that left-wing Muslims have lost faith in the Labour Party as the Gaza death toll surpassed 31,000. In response, the Muslim Vote has called for a travel ban on Israeli politicians who supported military action in Gaza and urged the implementation of sanctions on companies and settlers operating in "occupied territories."

Mobilising Communities for Change

Apart from addressing the conflict in Gaza, the group has also demanded changes within Britain. These include issuing guidance allowing Muslims to pray in school and abolishing a 19th-century law that prohibits priests and imams from advising their congregation on voting.

The financial demands also extend to allocating seven percent of public sector and local government pensions to "ethical and Islamic funds." Their demands include calls to repeal the definition of extremism proposed by Michael Gove this year.

They further demanded the return of "Zionist money," referring to funds provided to the party or MPs by pro-Israel groups or individuals. They boasted that alternative funding would be provided if this demand were met.

The Muslim Vote website asserts its pivotal role in facilitating the organisation of political campaigns within communities. Moreover, it states that it possesses a "bank of thousands of volunteers" prepared to mobilise for political engagement.