The trial continues of Norway's mass killer Anders Breivik in Oslo. Which today focuses on the harrowing testimonies from some of the survivors at the Otoeya camp massacre. Breivik admits to killing 69 people at the youth camp on Utoeya and eight people in a Oslo bomb attack last July.

As Breiviks handcuffs are removed he stood up to talk to his defence lawyer Vibeka Hein Baera who was hit by a shoe thrown by one of his victim's brother on Friday.

One lucky young survivor Silja Kristianne Uteng who was shot in the arm by Breivik, then swam to the shore for safety. Fighting back tears Ms Uteng spoke to reporters outside the court, after she had given her evidence alongside her friend Veronica Wurley, who also survived.

Speaking in Norwegian she said

"If it hadn't been for her deciding to swim, I wouldn't have started swimming. If it hadn't been for me swimming, she wouldn't have managed to swim over. (Reporter asking how this will influence their lives in the future?)

Her friend then added that this terrible event strengthened their friendship

"It does a lot. It makes our ties much stronger and also our bond. In addition, it is very special because I have someone to share my story with who knows what I am talking about because we share the same story."

And there was a positive end to Ms Uteng's day as she was asked about her forthcoming wedding plans and in particular her wedding dress, to which she laughingly replied

"(Reporter asking if she is going to buy a wedding dress now?) Yes, that's true and I am really looking forward to that. (Reporter asking what she is looking for?) A princess skirt. It's my day so it has to be a wedding dress that I feel comfortable in and that I feel is just mine."

The trial's outcome hinges on whether the court finds Breivik to have been sane. If it does, he could face 21 years in prison, if not, he is likely to be held indefinitely in a psychiatric institution.

Breivik seeks to prove his sanity, as he wants to demonstrate that he acted out of ideological motivations.

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