We've all seen the queues outside Apple stores ahead of a new iPhone or iPad launch, but we wanted to know why people spent days in line just to nab the latest gadget.

Snaking queues of bedraggled people lugging sleeping bags and fold-up chairs behind them, hiding their faces from the banks of cameras videoing them and looking slightly embarrassed at the cult-like happy-clappy Apple store staff cheering them as they enter the shiny Apple store.

This is probably not the image Apple would like to project about the people who queue up for days on end ahead of the launch of new Apple products.

Apple would like you to think that everyone queuing up to buy the new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c is so enamoured with the company that they cannot stand to be without the latest and greatest iDevice for more than a few minutes after it launches.

The reality is very much different.

Music courtesy of: freesfx.co.uk