A Jack the Ripper type killer is on the loose in the Rwandan city of Kigali after 15 sex workers have been horrifically murdered in the last month. The mutilated bodies have been found throughout different parts of the city, some in their homes with their eyes gouged out.

Kigali's sex workers say they are now afraid of going outside. This woman who hid her face said how frightened the sex workers are.

"We are scared over what has been happening. We ask the authorities to help us and find a solution to this problem, because sex workers are dying every day."

A senior Rwandan police officer declined to make any direct connections between the murders but did say they had arrested two people as part of the investigation.

"We have reported before, we only registered 15 cases and our first preliminary report indicates some two people arrested and already we have some names of suspects who are still at large and we are pushing for investigations and arrests. We have also known some reason, some motives of some cases."

Prostitution is illegal in Rwanda, however due to immense poverty in the country many women have been forced into it. It is estimated that 25 % sex workers in Rwanda are HIV-positive.

Written and presented by Ann Salter