Following North Korea's planned satellite launch next month, to mark the birth centenary of Kim Il-Sung. Japan has condemned, what it believes is a ballistic missile test. The test which is banned by US resolutions has provoked a strong response from the Japanese, who have said they may shoot down the rocket if it passes over Japanese soil.

Speaking to the upper Parliament, The Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda confirmed their commitment to working with the United Nations to urge North Korea to abandon this launch.


"The Japanese government will work along the lines of this resolution that was just adopted, to strongly urge North Korea not to go ahead with its planned rocket launch. We plan to work with the United States, South Korea and relevant countries to continue closely monitoring the situation in order to take a calm and appropriate response."

Sources say the government will consider deploying PAC 3 missile interceptors to shoot down the rocket . And it is believed provisions are already in palce as the governor of Okinawa a southern Island, has already given the go ahead for that to happen.