It's been a nervous couple of months for Julian Assange. After losing his extradition appeal in the UK Supreme Court, the WikiLeaks founder fleed to the Ecuador assembly in London seeking political asylum.

Now a decision on the Australian's extradition will be decided within the week, according to the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa. This is what he said on state television.

"This has to be taken with a lot of responsibility, I've read reports that say 'why are we taking so long?' The process has to be revised, the position of the United States must be looked at ... that there will be a secret tribunal over there, that there could be the death penalty. This requires a great amount of information and we have to analyse international law in order to take an informed decision that is completely responsible, and obviously, a sovereign decision."

Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning in Sweden over sex crime allegations, but is reluctant to go as he fears that it is an attempt by the US government to capture and prosecute him over the thousands of secret US diplomatic cables he released over the internet in 2010.

Julian Assange's mother Christine, was in Ecuador last week pleading that if her son's asylum was granted, she feared he could face torture and even execution in the United States.

Even if asylum was granted, the former hacker would face difficulties travelling to Ecuador, as he would be subject to arrest on English soil for breach of bail once he left the building.

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