Ladies are seeking plastic surgery to attain Kate Middleton's "near perfect" nose according to one of the word's leading plastic surgeons.

Maurizio Persico, who specialises in nose reshaping, told the Dail Mail that the Duchess of Cambridge's nose "is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face. This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile.

"Plus, she always looks happy and confident in photos, which is especially appealing to women whose own appearance makes them unhappy - those who feel self-conscious about larger or crooked noses, which they believe dominate their faces."

Psychologist Carmen Lefevre, who studies facial attributes and behavior at the University of St. Andrews, explained that there is an evolutionary preference for small, straight noses like the Duchess's.

"The symmetry of Kate's nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect," she said.

The newspaper interviewed several women who underwent plastic surgery to get the Duchess's iconic nose, and detailed how it has changed their lives.

Sarah Hattley, 31, who underwent £4,900 rhinoplasty in October 2011, admitted that it has given her the confidence to emulate Kate Middleton.

"I've admired Kate since she first got engaged to William. I've tried to copy her natural makeup and long, glossy hair style: she always looks so effortlessly groomed. But it was her perfect nose - narrow and petite, with a subtle upturn - that always caught my eye in pictures," she said.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Danielle Murray, who is a social worker, made the decision to get rhinoplasty while watching the royal wedding in April 2011.

"When I look in the mirror, I no longer see the hooked Roman nose I'd hated for years. I see a cute, slightly upturned nose just like the Duchess of Cambridge's, and it makes me incredibly happy," she explained.

"My fixation with my nose started when I was 13, after a boy at school started teasing me, saying: 'You need to sort your big nose out!' It had never bothered me before, but I became instantly obsessed."

Murray had her surgery in October 2011 and said that she could see the difference in her nose directly after the operation, even after the swelling.

Finally, Lauren Wright, who lives in Stockport, Cheshire and is an air stewardess, was worried about the results of the surgery but is now happy with the outcome.

"After the operation, the discomfort was like having a heavy cold and I couldn't breathe properly for a week. I was glued to the mirror - even with a protective cast on my nose I could see that the new shape was what I'd wanted," Wright said,

"A week later, the cast was removed. Smaller and more feminine, my new nose was exactly what I'd dreamed of and has had a magical effect on my confidence."