The Kim Kardashian sex tape, which has been very successful and arguably helped launch Kim's media career, is now being pursued vehemently by a mystery buyer. The "mystery" buyer apparently wants the copies to be wiped off the market.

According to TMZ who spoke to the tape's owner, Vivid Entertainment, the buyer will have to pay at least $30 million to stop copies from being sold.

Vivid representative Steve Hirsch says that he has been in contact with the lawyer negotiating the potential purchase for the mystery party.
"Based on its long term value, it looks like $30 million would be a starting point for a discussion on all of the rights," Steve revealed.
"I have no idea who is behind this offer ... but if it's Kim, I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. She has my number and can call me any time."
During Kim's wedding which concluded last week, the sales of the sex tape are said to have quadrupled with around 2 million people downloading the video.

No prizes for guessing who this "mystery" buyer might be.