An Australian town council has demanded the immediate removal of a raunchy street art mural of Hillary Clinton. The eye-catching artwork with caption, Stupid Sexy Hillary, by street artist Lushsux, has prompted a wave of complaints to Maribrynong City Council which is "threatening to prosecute" the building's owner – despite others calling it "political correctness gone haywire".

Lushsux's Instagram account, with 100,000 followers, has also been deleted. The artist suspects this was a political move by the social media giant.

Speaking to 9NEWS, he said: "The timing is a little bit suspicious considering the DNC is on at the moment. Facebook is well-known to be a supporter of the Democratic party. I don't know, it could be a conspiracy but it's a bit strange," he said.

"It's fine to go on and do a mural on Trump, but when I go and do one on Hillary Clinton, my account is gone."

He is now planning to open another Instagram account, @Lushsux2, to combat censorship. He has already censored his previous mural of Melanie Trump in a tongue-in-cheek gesture of covering up her breasts with pictures of Donald Trump's face.

It is not the first time Lushsux has caused controversy with his murals. He recently painted a picture of Taylor Swift, but allegedly changed the name to Smith to avoid any legal comeback. It was created in response to Swift and Kim Kardashian ongoing feud. Another recent mural of his work showed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked in a passionate kiss.