Valeria Lukyanova, the Living Barbie as she has come to be known, may have gained fame for her incredibly thin waist, plastic-like skin and eyes and an unrealistic figure. However, a report in The Sun suggests there may be more to this 23-year-old girl than meets the eye... apart from the fact she survives on a liquid-only diet.

According to the report, Valeria Lukyanova believes she is not from this planet and that her friend and lookalike, Olga "Dominica" Oleynik, is her soul mate... something the latter believes in as well.

"Me and Lera [short for Valeria], we come from the constellation of Pleiades. There, such looks are normal," Oleynik explained.

Valeria Lukyanova returned the compliment, stating: "When I first saw Dominica, I immediately recognised her from our past lives."

Valeria Lukyanova says she was always fascinated by dolls but as she grew older that fascination, rather than being outgrown, developed into an obsession to dress up as a doll. And there is really no more iconic doll in the world than Barbie.

Her first appearances on the Internet, predictably, started a whole series of debates, rumours and speculation, ranging on everything from moral issues to discussions on cosmetic surgeries and accusations of Photoshop.

And then there were debates on her exercise regimen and diet.

"For the last four months I've been on a liquid diet and then I plan to drink only water. After that I will live only on the prana [a Sanskritic word referring to life force]. For many years I was on a raw food diet, but for deeper spiritual practices I need to improve myself," she told a Russian newspaper in October.

However, despite her fame, Valeria Lukyanova lists her occupation (on her Web site) as a singer and believes beauty is only skin deep.

"If you spend time working only on your appearance and you forget about your inner self, people will not be interested in you because they will not feel anything. Many people think you need only good looks to be successful but that's not true - only spiritual work can bring tangible results," she explains.

Finally, in a series of video blogs for her fans, she said her "ultimate goal is to be powered only by solar energy". She also claimed to have mastered the art of time travel and encouraged people to "leave their physical body and travel in the endless expanses of the universe".

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