A re-sale of unwanted London 2012 Olympic Games tickets is still suspended after technical difficulties with the ticketing website, despite the issues supposedly being resolved.

On 6 January when the re-sale started, frustrated users of the official ticket website were confused by tickets being shown as available, despite already having been sold.

Some of those wishing to sell were unable to upload their tickets.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog) temporarily suspended the re-sale, while Ticketmaster, which powers the ticketing service, fixed the problems.

A spokeswoman for Locog told IBTimes UK that it was a "work in progress" but a spokesman for Ticketmaster insisted the issue was resolved and it was waiting for the green light from Locog.

"Effectively, we're in a position where we're waiting for confirmation from Locog to start the sale again," he said.

He added that Locog was due to send Ticketmaster a "revised re-sale strategy" and that he could not give a specific time or date for reopening the re-sale.

When it does go ahead, tickets will be on sale, at face value, until 3 February.

Around 1.3 million tickets are being held back until the next official sale in April on a first-come-first-served basis.

Tickets were previously sold in controversial lotteries, where people had to bid for different events.

Thousands were left disappointed, while others won tickets to multiple events.

There was uproar when it was revealed that Locog sold twice as many tickets as there were seats for the synchronised swimming event.