In a show of solidarity with Russia's gay community, bars in London are boycotting Russian vodka, to show their opposition to a new law that's targeting homosexuals in the country.

The boycott initially started around two weeks ago, with bar owners in the United States in cities like New York and San Francisco refusing to sell Russian vodka.

Now, an increasing number of bars in the English capital have decided not to sell brands like Stolichnaya vodka, which is made from Russian ingredients, even though the company has said it supports gay rights.

Members of London's gay community say the law is unacceptable and is a violation of human rights.

Bar owner Gary Henshaw owns three bars in London, and all have stopped selling Russian vodka.

''I think the most important thing about the boycott is to show solidarity with the LGBT people in Russia, and to show that we're very angry with the way that the Russian government and Russian authority are treating the people in Russia,'' said Henshaw, using initials that stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

''So that the ripple effect is growing, and you know at the end of the day if the whole world stops buying Russian products, they're going to feel that, so,'' he added.

The call to "dump Russian vodka" came after Russian investigators said in May that a 23-year-old man had been tortured and killed after revealing to a friend that he was gay.

Jeremy Joseph owns four venues in England, three in London and one in Manchester.

He said Russia shouldn't be hosting the Winter Olympics.

''I mean, first of all it shouldn't happen in Russia, simple, you know we are a year ago today that the Olympics was going on in the UK, there was the whole talk by everybody about the spirit if the Olympics, well, where is that spirit of the Olympics now? Where is that spirit, you know when it goes to Russia? There is no, spirit of the Olympics is about equality, and there is no equality,'' said Joseph at his G-A-Y bar.

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