Cream cheese
Prostitutes spread cream cheese on clients and then lick it off (Rachel Shadoan/Flickr)

Erotic parlours in Malaysia are offering a new type of massage, where cheese is licked from the client's body.

According to the Malayan tabloid Harian Metro, cheese massages are becoming increasingly popular across the country.

The massage involves being bathed and then having cheese spread on them and licked off. The newspaper said most customers were between 35 and 50 and it cost around RM185 (£36/$50).

Reporters from the newspaper were investigating the sex trade in Malaysia undercover. They found most of the masseurs were sex workers from China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The report said they had to wait two hours to be seen at one parlour in Kuala Lumpur as the service was so popular.

One masseur was asked about how she felt about the cheese massage service: "It felt disgusting at first, but I have got used to it," she said.

Social disease

Prostitution is illegal in Malaysia and the country generally has conservative attitudes towards. However, the country's media often shows a lurid sex industry with prostitutes arriving there from neighbouring countries for work.

Massage parlours are often used to disguise prostitution businesses and authorities overlook them.

Following the release of the report, Harian Metro said authorities plan to take action against any businesses offering sexual services.

Azfarizal Abdul Rashid, a town council official, said they plan to monitor businesses more closely to combat prostitution: "We ask the public for information on such activities to report immediately to the authorities.

Do not hesitate to take such action if they are to prevent this activity. [Prostitution] is a serious disease in today's society."