A man went on a rampage in a village in India's central Chattisgarh state, killing four women and five girls with his axe, as police officials ruled out insanity.

Panduram Nageshia, 35, a resident of Balrampur district brutally killed his neighbours on Thursday (April 4th). Police have seized his weapon.

According to media reports, authorities have announced compensation of 25,000 rupees ($ 456.16) to the families of the deceased.

Dwivedi denied the reports stating that he was mentally challenged.

A recent spate of attacks on women has not only raised doubts over the safety of women in India but also questions the existing laws.

Although India approved a tougher new law to punish sex crimes, including death for repeat rape offenders, after the fatal gang rape of a student in December sparked unprecedented protests over the treatment of women in the country.

Rape is just one of many violations women suffer in India, ranging from female foeticide and dowry murders to acid attacks, trafficking and so-called honour killings.

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