Welbeck and Rooney
Welbeck and Rooney are relishing the challenges that Brazil will bring.

Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney are both excited by the prospect of facing Brazil on Sunday as England look to show their credentials before the World Cup travels to the South American country next year.

England's performance against the Republic of Ireland on Wednesday was criticised by many, with Roy Hodgson going for a more conservative approach as he continues to test out different formations in preparation for Brazil 2014.

And Welbeck, who had a difficult season with United as he scored only once in the league, says that he has always idolised the Brazil national team and is looking forward to playing against them for the first time and putting up a good fight.

Talking about watching Brazil's 2002 World Cup win, he recalled: "I remember watching that game with all my family and obviously the main memory is the goal Ronaldinho scored.

"At the time, I couldn't work out whether he meant it or not. Looking back now he 100% meant it.

"It is part of the magic that sets Brazil apart from the rest and I have followed them ever since.

"Obviously I wasn't born when Pele was playing at World Cups but I have watched plenty of videos, both of him and other great players. It is not hard to understand what a good side they have been."

Welbeck also admitted to looking forward to facing Neymar, who has been touted as Brazil's next big star and just recently revealed an agreement to move to Barcelona next season.

"He has created quite a few You Tube victims," he said, referring to the endless clips online of Neymar beating top South American defenders. "He is spectacular and someone the fans love to see."

Meanwhile, for Wayne Rooney, time with the England squad will serve as a welcome distraction to the transfer rumours surrounding his current situation with United.

The striker says that he has set a clear goal of winning silverware in his time with England, valuing a medal far higher than any international record.

"I could end my career with England being record goalscorer and maybe even record caps-holder, but if you're not going to be successful, then it's pointless," he told Sport magazine.

"That's what I play for England for: to try and help England be successful. That's the aim. It's not to see how many caps or goals I can get - it's to see if I can get a winner's medal.''