Felipe Massa is back.

A high speed crash fractured his skull two years ago- but the Brazilian is keen to make up for lost time, starting at Sepang.

He failed to finish in Melbourne- but he is determined to make it up in Malaysia.

Felipe Massa:

"Well Sepang is a very nice track. You have a lot of different types of corner - high speed - but also some difficult corners when you have an important change of direction, slow corners. And also it is very hot, so it is also another point which is another difficult track for us in terms of physical point of view but also for the car to be strong."

Massa has only made the podium once since recovering from that serious head injury.

Having raced at Sepang ten times before, the 30 year old can at least claim to be familiar with the track.

Ferrari will have a new chassis ready for Sunday's race- but that isn't only challenge facing Felipe.

Felipe Massa:

"For the hot condition you lose a lot of water during the race so it is important to drink a lot of water. We take a lot of mineral salt as well to be strong. During the race you lose the most weight - not weight I mean kilogrammes after the race - that's why you need to be prepared."

Felipe will begin Sunday's race in 17<sup>th place with no points on the drivers standings.

Jenson Button leads the way with 25 points.