After grabbing headlines during the presidential debates last year, Sesame Street character Big Bird heads to the White House to lend a wing to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign on its third anniversary

The popular children's character teamed up with the First Lady in two public service announcements (PSA), released by the White House on Thursday (February 21), to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage kids to eat well and exercise more often.

In a PSA recorded in the White House kitchen Big Bird and Michelle Obama stand behind a kitchen table with a basket of fruits and vegetables.

"Gee, I bet you could get just anything you want in this kitchen!," says Big Bird, towering over the First Lady.

The White House also released a behind-the-scenes video of the PSA where Michelle Obama compliments a seemingly bashful Big Bird on his clean feathers and "svelte" build.

The character of Big Bird first appeared on the show 43 years ago and is voiced by Caroll Spinney.

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