The two-time gold medal winner at the 2012 Olympic Games told reporters on Monday (April 22) that he hoped he could post a marathon time between the British record of 2:07:13 by Steve Jones, set in 1985, and 2:09:00.

"I believe the marathon is a hard event, you don't just get it right overnight, you have to learn to make mistakes, and stuff," Mo Farah said at a news conference the day after the race.

"Where I am, I think I am capable of running a decent time between 2:09 and, I don't know, British record, I think I am capable because I have been running for many years of 100 miles,"

Such a time could have netted him fourth to tenth place in Sunday's (April 21) London marathon race.

Farah, who deliberately ran less than half the race on Sunday, is due to run the full length in 2014 after competing in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres at the athletics world championships later this year.

He warned though that it was quite possible the full race length did not agree with his style of running.

"Who knows? The marathon might not even suit me," he said.