The NBA has suspended games since March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic. All players were ordered to stay at home and remain in self-isolation after several players were found positive with the virus after subsequent testing. However, it would seem that some teams and players have begun to defy this league memo according to some insiders.

According to Bleacher Report, several unnamed players have found ways to go to private gyms and work with trainers to stay in shape.

While some superstar players can afford professional level gym facilities in their homes, most players can not. After weeks of inactivity, muscle atrophy can significantly reduce athletic performance. In the high level of play in the world's top basketball league, such atrophy could also lead to serious injury. Last month, coaches and trainers requested a 30-day training period to get players back in shape before resuming the games. The league promised they will give at least a 15-day notice if they ever decide to restart.

Last week, the NBA allowed some teams to let players use their facilities for private training. They are still not allowed to work with trainers and other development staffers to adhere to social distancing and other safety precautions set by the CDC.

However, rumours are swirling that some players have broken this rule and have begun working with team staffers in commercial private gyms. The reports are unconfirmed and it remains to be seen if the NBA will be sanctioning those who will be found guilty of disregarding safety regulations.

Nevertheless, the NBA is looking at allowing small groups of team practices to resume by May 8th. Teams based in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah are expected to have their restrictions lifted in the near future. Teams in coronavirus hot spots such as New York are not likely to see any changes in league and local government restrictions in their activities.

While it may seem like the restrictions will result in competitive imbalance and preferential treatment, no team has complained about the league policy. The league's top clubs, which are based in Wisconsin, California, and Massachusetts, are also not on the list of those which will be allowed to train. One top team is based outside the United States, and the league admits it does not have the level of influence with local officials as it does with the other US-based teams.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he believes it will be at least May before the league can make any decision on resuming the 2019-20 season halted by the coronavirus pandemic GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Stacy Revere