In the past couple of weeks, 22 NBA teams have been arriving at the NBA-Disney bubble in Orlando, Florida, where they would spend the next few months in a confined environment to finish the 2019-2020 season. They just completed mandatory quarantine, but not everyone is happy with their accommodations.

There are players like J.R. Smith, Joel Embiid, Troy Daniels, Ben McLemore, and Montrezl Harrell who are complaining about their food and calling it "s**t." Other players are claiming that the food being served is too unhealthy for top athletes.

Rajon Rondo complained about the "Motel 6" type rooms that would serve as their homes for the next three months. Rondo is a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, and may stay in the Disney-NBA bubble as late as mid-October thanks to their guaranteed playoffs spot.

According to the Daily Mail, their "prima donna" attitude is not going down well with the fans.

Many fans reacted to their complaints, pointing out the bigger picture of being able to work and finish the season while millions of Americans (or other nationalities) are unemployed worldwide.

Others told them to live with it since their hotel rooms are a lot more comfortable than what most people have to deal with while in quarantine.

Some people understand that NBA players are millionaires, and may not be used to staying in standard hotel rooms. But they still shouldn't complain about it, because it's free, and looks a lot more comfortable than what most people call their homes. Fans added that players should focus on the important things, such as winning games, the worsening coronavirus pandemic, and social injustice issues.

While a lot of players are spending their mandatory quarantine period complaining, not all of them are unhappy with the accommodations. Memphis Grizzlies rookie guard, Ja Morant, is happy with it and says, "I'm not a silver spoon guy."

Morant is a rookie and is probably not yet used to the celebrity lifestyle of an NBA player. However, four-year veteran and Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown agrees with the young rookie and urges his fellow players to get comfortable and remember their humble beginnings and the people going hungry because of the pandemic.

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