In six weeks a new upgraded development kit for Nintendo's forthcoming Wii U console is set to be given to developers.

According to Gary Dunn, SEGA's MD for development, the new dev kits will be distributed either this month or next.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Dunn commented that the SEGA team working on Wii U projects were happy with the current kits.

Dunn refused to divulge any details about their performance in relation to other consoles in the current generation.

"It's still a little early," Dunn commented to Eurogamer. "There's another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July that's going to give us more information."

The only details Dunn gave were that the team was finding the Wii U " to be quite powerful."

Dunn went on to comment, "We've certainly found it easier to get prototypes up and running on next-gen definition visuals, so we're quite pleased with it."

The news comes after Crytek leaked that the current dev kits being used by developers have been underclocked. Meaning that the current images and gameplay footage being shown by Nintendo for the Wii U are not representative of the games end quality.

While the two leaks do indicate that the Wii U's graphical prowess will be significantly better than early images and video indicated, Nintendo has once again declined to comment just how much of an upgrade consumers can expect.

Thus far all that is known about the Wii U's graphics is that they will be at minimum comparable to those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.