Chatshow queen Oprah Winfrey has continued to cause a stir on her first trip to India after delivering an inspiring message on education, awareness and the empowerment of women at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

The media mogul, who is India for a week to film an episode of the new series of her show, Oprah's Next Chapter, promised to return to India in the near future.

Oprah, dressed in a traditional mustard silk salwar-kameez with a pink chiffon dupatt, answered questions put to her by NDTV presenter anchor Barkha Dutt.

An hour before her arrival, a long queue of fans snaked outside the venue. It was attended by 10,000 people and broadcast nationwide.

She told the crowd: "When I first came to India, I was overwhelmed by the chaos, the traffic and people who never stopped for red lights, by men riding donkeys, women wearing helmets with saris and oxen-drawn carts laden with steel," Oprah said.

"It made my head spin - I felt like I was part of a video game.

"But I realised there's a method to the madness - there's a karmic calmness within the millions of people that keeps them moving along a path. Being in India has expanded my idea of humanity," she added.

She touched the hearts of Indians across the country when she recounted the time she spent with an 11-year-old girl from the Mumbai slums and her family of five.

"At the end of the stay, I wanted to bring her home with me. It's a glorious thing that in this country, families take care of each other," she said.