Ukraine hasn't really left the headlines these last few months. The recent spate of bombings in the country & people being seriously injured as a result, allegations of abuse against its former Prime Minister and some international MPs boycotting the Euro 2012 that's being held there next month.

Now - as extraordinary scenes like this from its parliament emerge – it's fast looking like Ukraine is a country with more than a few governance issues. Especially when the Deputy Leader of the opposition gets hospitalised after being smacked on the head!

So what goes these elected leaders so hot-headed that they broke out into a brawl reminiscent of Wild West movie? A 'disagreement' over a new bill, of course! Current President Viktor Yanukovich is proposing that Russian should become the official language in the parts of the country where most of the population already use it in everyday life, in places like courts and hospitals. But some opposition members see that move as kow-towing to its powerful neighbour, basically giving away independence.

Around eastern parts of the Ukraine - around the city of Donetsk - there's a concentrated minority of people who speak Russian. That area also happens to be the current President's strong-hold and what with elections are coming up, members of the rival party claim it's Yanukovich's way of trying to divide and rule. But if that's the case, then - considering the fallout – there might need to be a slight change of election strategy.