He has surprised fans in recent weeks with a string of revealing interviews about his turbulent relationship with Rihanna.

But it looks like Chris Brown's sudden urge to get intimate is not stopping anytime soon.

The 23-year-old Turn Up the Music hitmaker has divulged that he is a member of the mile high club after having sex on plane.

Brown made the candid confession during an appearance on n BET's 106 & Park, admitting that he once got naughty in first class while flying over Europe.

Lucky for him he was not caught in the throes of passion despite the public venue.

"I'm not trying to be nasty," he told show host and fellow musician Bow Wow. "I was on a commercial flight in first class.

"It was like one of them European first classes where you've got the big front, so you can put the cover up so don't nobody see nothing."

Clearing in an oversharing mood, Brown had initiated the risqué conversation after asking Bow Wow, real name Shad Gregory Moss, to disclose 'the craziest place' he had made love.

The Young Money rapper hesitated briefly before saying: "I got to answer that? Man this is a family show, I can't answer nothing like that man."

Amid screams from female audience members and mounting pressure from Brown, Bow Wow finally offered: "Er, back seat of a jeep?"

Earlier this week, Brown also opened up about his love life during an interview with US radio station Hot 97.

He confirmed that despite the rumours, he and Rihanna are still together and said "everything is fine" with their relationship.