Around 1,000 activists marched towards the venue of a Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland on Monday (June 17) to demand world leaders end global hunger, boost gay rights and ban fracking.

Environmentalists, socialists and rights activists gathered in the small market town of Enniskillen before setting off to the golf resort 10 km (7 miles) away that is hosting the leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama.

Organisers said they would walk to the 6km metal fence surrounding the venue before turning back, adding that they were not expecting violence.

Over 7,000 police were on duty during the G8, in one of the largest security operations ever seen in Northern Ireland, but relatively few were visible at the march, which began with a carnival atmosphere.

"I think it is important to be here today because people should be on the street to protest against what all the major rich countries are doing in the name of democracy and robbing the world, impoverishing nations," said one woman protester.

Marchers came overwhelmingly from Ireland, north or south. Organisers said many protesters from abroad had been put off by the location of the summit and the reputation of Northern Irish police as among the most militarised in Europe.

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