Suspected serial shooter Peter Mangs has been charged with murder and attempted murder at his trial today. The Swedish man was arrested in November 2010 in connection with a string of shootings that seemingly targeted immigrants in the city of Malmö. Mangs, 40, is accused of carrying out various attacks in the city during 2009 and 2010, as well as committing two murders back in 2003. Former Head Prosecutor, Sven-Erik Alham, compared the trial to that of Anders Breivik, who is accused of killing 69 people in neighbouring Norway. He stated, "Even if he has ended up a little bit in the shadows in a way of (Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring) Breivik, which is worse in so many ways in regards to the numbers of deaths, it is still a phenomena that is very serious because it is an attack on society in a very scary way as one is not quite certain of the motive. So far it (the motive) has not been investigated. Perhaps it will become clear during the trial, but we'll see. It is very much is dependent on whether (Peter) Mangs himself chooses to talk."