Most drivers travelling at low speeds around the Canary Islands may not think much of the guardrails at the side of the narrow and twisting roads but two racers owe their lives to the rails that prevented a massive crash.

It was round two of the 2017 European Rally Championship on 5 May, when at a tight right-hander, Tomasz Kasperczyk and his Ford Fiesta RS hit the railings. Beyond the rails, there was a massive drop down the side of the mountain.

The Pole's rear tyres locked up when he was hit with a brake failure yet, amazingly, both he and co-driver Damian Syty were able to get out of the car and walk away.

Unfortunately, Czech Skoda racer Jan Černý didn't have the same luck when he too crashed into a guardrail later in the same event.

Remarkably, he too walked away from this crash, despite rolling over a number of times.

Spaniard Pepe Lopez went onto win the Junior Under 28 category of the rally.

It was a big win for Russian and Ford driver Alexey Lukyanuk in the headline rally, after he scored an outright victory after a disappointing opening to the season in Portugal where he crashed out while in the lead.