Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together… Or Is Ashton Kutcher In The Picture?
On Wednesday night Rihanna went out drinking in LA where she was photographed by Paparazzi before she mysteriously left the club right after checking her phone. We know what you're thinking, but she wasn’t going to see her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who was convicted of physically abusing her three years ago and could still be arrested for breaking his probation after stealing an iPhone off a fan last month. According to TMZ, RiRi received a suggestive text message from movie star Ashton Kutcher, and immediately drove to his $10 million mansion to jump into bed with the actor best known for his role as the lovable but idiotic Kelso on “That 70s Show.” Splash

Weeks after she shocked fans by collaborating with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna said she made the controversial move purely to further her own career.

The 24-year old Bajan beauty admitted that despite popular belief that the couple were still romantically involved, she only decided to reach out to Brown because he was the best in the business.

She explained her bold choice to record two duets with the man who assaulted her three years ago, during a phone interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

She said: "I reached out to him about doing Birthday Cake because that's the only person that really it made sense to do the record [with].

"Just as a musician - despite everything else - that was going to be the person.

"I thought about rappers, and I've done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown."

The We Found Love songstress also expressed a desire for their fans to come together, instead of being divided.

"We did two records. One for my fans. One for his fans, and that way our fans can come together. There shouldn't be a divide. You know? It's music, and it's innocent"

Brown, 22, attacked Rihanna in 2009 after a pre-Grammy bash. He is on probation for the assault.