Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych has claimed victory for his party in one of the most closely watched parliamentary elections in the country's history. Supporters of the pro-business Regions Party took to the streets of Kiev to celebrate. Here's what one supporter of Mr Yanukovych had to say:

"We have expressed today our own opinion of whom to vote for and how to live from now on. And I hope that tomorrow, after the votes are counted, we will have that majority in parliament which would be able to change things for the better."

The United Opposition of Fatherland, headed by the currently imprisoned Yulia Tymoschenko came second, whilst finishing third in the elections was the Punch party, led by heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko. Klitschko formed the new liberal party after criticising the corruption during Yanukovych's rule.

"Currently, according to exit polls results, we are Ukraine's number three party in terms of voters' support. I think this result is not bad at all for a young party, and I'm sure we'll capitalize on this result and will prove our professionalism and credibility during our work in parliament."

Concerns have been raised in the West over Mr. Yanukovych's three year rule, including claims of media restrictions and vote buying in elections, as well as the outcry that followed the jailing of Ms Tymoschenko of the opposition last year.

Written and Presented by Alfred Joyner