Media mogul Rupert Murdoch arrives to face a second grilling at the on-going Leveson inquiry into contacts between his British operation and the government.

Murdoch's speeding grey land Rover was ushered through the court gates .Which follows yesterday's appearance by James Murdoch who revealed Jeremy Hunt, the government media secretary, had advised Murdoch's News Corp in its controversial $12 billion deal bid to buy the successful pay-TV group BSkyB last year.

Following Labour's call that Jeremy Hunt stand down. He was door stopped outside his home regarding his position and asked, whether he would stand down?, before being asked cheekily if he was the minister of Murdoch.

These accusations that the government had sought to help Murdoch in his business dealings go to the heart of the issue in Britain that Murdoch wields too much influence and this resulted in a company culture which ignored rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to make a statement at the House Of Commons later over his dealings with News Corp and whether following this renewed pressure from Labour and the media, whether he plans to stand down or not.