Snapshots from Celebrity Big Brother
Snapshots from Celebrity Big Brother Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother's first evictee Sally Bercow predicts that Jedward will go on to win this year's contest.

She told Emma Willis on Big Brother's Bit On The Side, "To be honest I thought I'd go in and find Jedward really annoying, but they are the most wonderful guys.They're such fun, really creative. I think they're going to win and rightly so. Not once did they annoy me... they brought humor and they're wonderful."

She also said that she was embarrassed to have been evicted despite losing by only 1 percent margin.

Bercow expressed her fondness for Paddy Doherty saying that it would be the twins and the big fat gypsy wedding star who would be invited over for dinner with her husband and herself.

Talking about Darry Lyons, Bercow said, "I didn't like Darryn to start with at all." "I found him very much a man's man and very much into the celeb thing."

Her husband John, the Speaker in the Commons, apparently begged her not to do the channel Five show.

During her week-long stint in the house, she talked about vajazzles, the intimate jewellery for women's genitals and pubic grooming.

On her being the first one to be evicted, Bercow said "I had a lot of opposition going into the house – from various people in the political world and indeed from my husband."