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Humanity In 'Race Against Time' On AI: UN

Humanity is in a race against time to harness the colossal emerging power of artificial intelligence for the good of all, while averting dire risks, a top UN official said Thursday.

California Looks To Europe To Rein In AI

California, home to Silicon Valley, is eager to rein in the deployment of artificial intelligence and is looking to Europe's tough-on-big-tech approach for inspiration.

What's Included In The New EU Law On AI

The European Parliament on Wednesday gave the final nod to far-reaching rules on artificial intelligence that the EU hopes will both harness innovation and defend against harms.

Led By Musk, Silicon Valley Inches To The Right

Since his tumultuous takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk has made an unabashed turn to the right politically, defying the orthodoxy that Silicon Valley is a citadel of well-heeled liberals beholden to Democrats.