Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh
Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh

A scandal of epic proportions has rocked not only Thai social media but the country's political scene when one of its stateswomen was caught by her husband in bed with their adopted son, a monk, no less.

The 45-year-old female politician, Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, was embroiled in a scandalous affair with her adopted son, Phra Maha, a 24-year-old monk, leading to her suspension from public office and stirring widespread attention across mainland social media platforms.

According to a report, Prapaporn's husband, Ti, recorded the scandal on video and drove for five hours to confirm his growing suspicion of his wife's activities.

Real Life Telenovela

The revelation has sent shockwaves through Thai society, with many grappling to comprehend the situation's complexity and gravity. First are the characters: a 64-year-old businessman in love with his wife, a 45-year-old beautiful politician for his wife, and a 24-year-old Buddhist monk the couple adopted last year after the wife, who has always been religious, said she felt sorry for the young man.

The incident, which has spread mainly in China through various social media channels, including YouTube, began when Ti started getting suspicious of his wife, who would constantly visit the monk's cabin. He would then knock on the door without getting a reply before his wife would emerge, saying they were deep in prayer after some time.

Thai Scandal
Thai politician in bed, caught monk-ying around with adopted son (Weibo)

On the day before the scandal, Ti said he had to drive from Bangkok to Sukhothai, where the couple owned a house, to confirm his suspicions. The rest of the scene played out according to the video, with the husband shouting, "Are you two very happy?"

Despite being caught with their pants down (literally), Prapaporn denied her husband's suspicions and said they were just there to talk because the monk was experiencing problems. She then said they also planned to shower together.

"I was so angry when I found them together; I feel so betrayed. I had brought her gold and given her many gifts," said Ti.

Political Repercussions

Prapaporn's position as a politician has only intensified the scrutiny surrounding the affair, raising questions about ethics, moral conduct, and abuse of power. The betrayal of trust and the involvement of a monk, a revered figure in Thai culture, has added complexity to an already scandalous narrative.

The fallout from the affair has been swift and severe. Prapaporn was suspended from public office directly, resulting in the scandal. She is known as "Madam Ple" in the political circle and is currently president of Sukhothai's local Chamber of Commerce. She has also been part of the Democrat Party since 2023.

Thai Scandal
The politician and her adopted monk son were "just talking" in bed when her husband walked in (Weibo)

Meanwhile, Phra Maha's involvement has sparked outrage and disbelief among the public. As a monk, he is held to a higher standard of moral conduct, making his participation in the affair all the more egregious. The 24-year-old is said to have escaped after the discovery and is hiding.

Madam Ple, speaking with local media, said that she wasn't having an affair. "We didn't have sex then. Nothing happened; it's not what it looks like in the video. He had some problems, so we were talking together, and then we were going to shower."